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Specializing in Lawn Care Service

Having a healthy green lawn is always the envy of any neighborhood, get it with professional lawn care service. GCC Farming, LLC takes pride on every lawn and property that they manage. Get your lawn the professional expertise it needs.



Edging your grass makes it standout and look its best and is part of a professional lawn care service.



Fertilizing your grass healthy and green, GCC Farming, LLC makes it a part of the professional lawn care service.


Weed Control

Keeping the weeds at bay, so your lawn is beautiful. Ask about pest control. Trust GCC Farming, LLC. Call today!


Aeration & Dethatching

If your lawn has yellow and bare patches, water seems to run off the grass and puddle, discoloration, thinning or just will not grow evenly, it is probably time to aerate.

Dethatching your lawn is a good also to help healthy growth of your lawn. When the thatch builds up, it causes the lawn to discolor and grow thin weak blades of grass.


Get Lawn Care Service

When you choose GCC Farming, LLC, you are getting a company with experience on large operations like orchards and vineyards.

Get started with the best looking lawn in your neighborhood.

Having a healthy lawn

When your lawn is healthy it resists the growth of moss, weeds, invasion of insects and lawn diseases, so make sure that you have a professional maintenance company that keeps the mower blades sharp.

Weekly service

Mowing your lawn weekly will help keep the length of the lawn at the desired height. When the lawn is growing at the right height it helps keep weeds from growing in your yard, helps with the moisture of the ground and from reseeding itself.


Fertilizing the lawn helps keep the nutrients it needs to be its healthiest. When fertilizing, use the proper amount and apply it as directed by the manufacturer.

Aerate and dethatch

Aeration helps to get the nutrients like fertilizers and water deep to the root system by reducing the soil’s compaction. Dethatching reduces the thatch, which is dead lawn and other debris. When you reduce that thatch it allows water, air and nutrients to better reach the soil.