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Professional Landscape Maintenance

You know you need landscape maintenance when, you have more than enough responsibilities at your home or business to worry about. Let GCC Farming, LLC improve the look of the entry of your property. Many home owners and business owners hire a PRO, because they understand how important first impressions make. Having a professional like GCC Farming, LLC handle your landscape will ensure you have a healthy and beautiful first impression when your guests or clients arrive.

Add Pavers

Pavers are a great way to create safe walkways, patio areas for entertaining and distinctive driveways.

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GCC Farming, LLC wants to help keep your property to look its best. If that is what you want too, then it’s time to call the PROS!

How to choose the right plants for your landscape


You really need to understand the amount of sun and the intensity of the sun when it strikes the plantings.


How much water the plants receive throughout the entire year is another key factor to consider when adding plants.


When you understand the soil type and compaction of the soil, then making sense of drainage is understandable.

Hardiness zone

Knowing the plants that do the best in your hardiness zone, can help by getting longevity and more expected color.