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Abatement Notices

Fire Hazard Abatement

Reduction and/or removal of noxious vegetation as often as needed. This is a public health issue to prevent fires hazards , traffic and health hazards , and to restrict unsightly property from public view.


Fire Hazard Abatement

Overgrown grass especially during fire season can get you a notice.

There is also a list of plants that you should be aware of, if on your property within 30-feet of a structure. These plants if sited could require that you cut down and/or remove of any new seedlings and volunteer plants.


Noxious Weed Abatement

A noxious weed is any plant designated by federal, state or local government officials as injurious to public health, agriculture, recreation, wildlife or property. Once a weed is classified as noxious, authorities can implement quarantines and take other actions to contain or destroy the weed and limit its spread. Source:


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